July/August 2011 - Campus News NEW DIGITAL MEDIA ELECTIVES

July/August 2011 - Campus News NEW DIGITAL MEDIA ELECTIVES


With the introduction of a new semester comes the addition of two new digital media electives: Recording and Production!
In the Recording elective, students are able to:
Record live band and ensemble performances.
Use Pro Tools in studio and live recording environments.
Work with a variety of microphones and software.
Manage recording sessions.
Mix and prepare recorded material for CDs and online distribution

In the Production elective, students can:
Creatively use Pro Tools to create electronic music compositions.
Use a range of plug ins and effects to enhance their work.
Mix and remix multitrack recordings.
Use hardware and MIDI instruments.
Prepare material for CDs and online distribution.
These electives have been slotted for Wednesday afternoons in conjunction with Performance Class that follows after. Students undertaking the Recording elective are working with AMPA’s new Digital Media lecturer Steven Petridis in setting up the equipment to record Performance Class as well as assist with recording. The audio files of individual performances are sent to students as part of their feedback.
AMPA proposes to run these electives regularly and as an integral component for our Composition students. This is an exciting development for AMPA and one that we hope students will take full advantage of during their studies here!