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AMPA Bachelor of Dance students, Evie Morris and Kristin Martin, have been selected as mentors at the government-funded initiative, DanceOff! 

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Evie Morris in action at a previous DanceOff! Photo credit: DanceOff.com.au

DanceOff! is a three day camp directed by Kim Rhodes and Launce Roma. The camps have been operating since 2008 and were designed to inspire and engage gifted and talented dance students currently studying in primary and secondary school

Evie and Kristin will attend DanceOff!  as mentors where they will lead, inspire and  support young dancers, as well as gain insight into the management of a large -scale dance program.

Evie says, “
Our role will be to assist the teachers in their classes, help the camp run smoothly and be there for the students throughout the day and night and set an example for them so they can see where hard work and dedication can get you.

Kristin and I both participated throughout our high school years in the camps and were both selected to go to China with a group of selected students from the program for a cultural exchange- where we got to travel and perform around the country, meet with delegates and learn from other dancers there.”

To read more about DanceOff! please visit danceoff.com.au