AMPA Community

You are not just another number at AMPA!

AMPA's staff and student body are made up of dedicated, supportive and like-minded musicians, composers, producers and performing artists who share the same vision for the future. Being in a more concentrated cohort also enables greater access to teaching staff, facilities and more opportunities to perform.


AMPA Courses

AMPA offers leading tertiary courses in the performing arts. Students are able to gain teritiary qualifications in music (jazz, classical or contemporary), music theatre, dance, composition and creative music technology. Our curriculum is based on years of research and development, and is continually developed to ensure that students have access to the most industry relevant information and training.

Unlike many institutions in Australia, AMPA remains focused on individual, one-to-one learning. This means that music students are entitled to receive a 60 minute lesson per week as part of their Principal Study unit, along with an additional 30 minute lesson as part of Second Study. The option of taking a Second Study is particularly unique to AMPA, and a valuable tool for students with more than one skill eg. guitar/voice or singer/songwriter.       

Dance students will progress through performance, choreography, composition and production in a wide variety of genres and led by industry seasoned staff. AMPA's dance course is the only performance oriented dance degree in Sydney.    

What's more, students can take course progression at a pace that suits them, either taking 3 trimesters per year to complete a bachelor degree in 2 years, or by taing 2 trimesters per year to complete a bachelor degree in 3 years.



AMPA Staff

All students are guided by a supportive and committed team of industry seasoned practitioners and academics who are dedicated to seeing students learn, grow and ultimately make a significant impact in their chosen field.

Please visit the Staff Page to view our team.  





Performance Experience

Students are encouraged to maximize their performance experience at some of Sydney's premier venues along with weekly performance classes at the AMPA Tom Mann Theatre. AMPA students have performed at venues such as the Sydney Opera House, Seymour Centre, NIDA, Enmore Theatre, The Basement, Bangarra Dance Theatre, Riverside Theatre and at various festivals and events around Sydney. 



Student Collaboration

Our diverse course offerings enable students from a wide range of fields and genres to work together on collaborative performances and student work. Contemporary musicians work with composers and producers, jazz students with music theatre students and ballet majors with classical performers.

Through collaboration with events and teaching staff, AMPA students are regularly engaged in external performance events. Please view our Latest News page to stay up to date with the latest events.