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Adele Hyland

Head of Dance

Adele has had an extensive and varied career in Dance, having performed, adjudicated and choreographed to international acclaim. As a performer, she has represented Australia in three World Championships and is one of only two Australian dancers to have won National Titles in 4 styles of dance. She choreographed for Strictly Ballroom, multiple television shows, commercials and television shows, including ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and ‘Strictly Dancing’. Adele was also awarded the United States Heritage Award for International Services to Dance in 2001 for the coordination and choreography of the Sydney 2000 Olympics Closing Ceremony.

She maintained a private Dance studio in Sydney over a period of 35 years, whilst also teaching from Primary to Tertiary levels within the NSW Education system. Currently, Adele is the President of DanceSport Australia and Australian delegate to the World Dance Council and World DanceSport Federation. She has taught and enjoyed many styles of Dance, with a particular passion for the Latin American style. She has had a great deal of success as a teacher and mentor to both aspiring and international prize winning Dancers and is grateful for the opportunity to pursue high standards in holistic Dance practice at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts.