AMPA Rocks The Opera House

AMPA Rocks The Opera House


The year of 2013 will mark the twentieth anniversary of the Australian International Conservatorium of Music.

To kick off the party, and to celebrate a fantastic and event-filled 2012, AMPA held a concert, Sounds on the Harbour, at the beautiful Utzon Room, Sydney Opera House on October 14.

The concert showcased the immense diversity of student talent on offer at AMPA and featured some of our finest artists across classical, jazz, contemporary and world music.

Some notable acts on the day were vocal trio, Secret Chords (Zulfa Shafira, Amelia Ltavao, and Ane Ltavao) who performed a hauntingly beautiful version of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’; and Amelia Richards with her original track “I’ll Bring the Sunshine”. Siamak Farrukhsereshti and Mahoor Jadidi added a vibrant splash of the Middle East with their group, Persian Fusion.


Secret Chords with 'Hallelujah' Amelia Richards Band Persian Fusion: Mahoor, Siamak and Mustafa

Sounds on the Harbour not only illustrated the rich history of AMPA, it also signalled the beginning of a bright future as the conservatorium evolves into the music school of the future.

Alongside current AMPA students, Sounds on the Harbour featured performances from teachers Evgeny Ukhanov and Kornelia Perchy, who have both joined the AMPA staff in 2012. Australian Performing Arts Grammar School student Angel Tairua mesmerised the audience with her rendition of Grenade by Bruno Mars, and future AMPA student and One Scholarship winner Nadia McCarthy performed her spectacular version of Nina Simone’s ‘Plain Gold Ring’.


Evgeny Ukhanov and Kornelia Perchy APGS student Angel Tairua One Scholarship winner Nadia McCarthy who will be joining AMPA in 2013

Congratulations to everyone who performed and helped on the day for putting together a truly spectacular concert. You guys are awesome!


The AMPA Vocal Ensemble performing the Sounds on the Harbour finale, 'Bohemian Rhapsody'