Postgraduate Courses

Postgraduate Courses

To further enhance your skills and further your career, AMPA offers the following postgraduate music courses:


Graduate Diploma of Music

The two trimester Graduate Diploma of Music, which is nested in the Masters program, is designed to enhance the knowledge base, strengthen the performance skills, and reinforce the teaching and organisational abilities of persons who, having successfully completed an undergraduate degree or without qualifications, have achieved a high level of skills and recognition in the field of professional performance. The inclusion of the two graduate seminar units and elective units will be important for students choosing to move into the profession in the areas of performance, composition and song writing, studio teaching, and music retail and distribution at the completion of this two Trimester program. Should they choose to proceed into the Masters program, these units will have prepared them for the successful completion of the units offered in the second year of that course.

On completion of the first two trimesters students can exit with a Graduate Diploma of Music (Performance) and on completion of 4 trimesters students may exit with a Master of Music (Performance).

Master Of Music

The Master of Music at AMPA is designed to provide graduate students the opportunity to enter the music industry at a more elite level by further developing and specializing their performance and composition skills. It aims to increase the student’s breadth of knowledge in support of an active teaching career either in the private or government sector, at primary, secondary or tertiary level studio teaching. The course will also assist experienced and advanced practitioners who, having achieved distinguished professional careers in the public arena, can derive further knowledge from a music related academic and research environment.

Graduates can share their expertise with the next generation of music students, teaching either in the formal tertiary environment or in the private studio sector in parallel with their work in the field of performance. The skills of those working creatively in the various areas of the extensive freelance sections of the music industry, including: performance, composition, production, music director, session musician, song writing and research will be enhanced. Graduates will also be well equipped to undertake further studies at the Doctoral level.