Music Theatre

Music Theatre

The Music Theatre focus area at AMPA offers an intensive and highly practical program, producing unique and professional performers, ready for any and all of the challenges the music theatre industry will throw at them.

Course Overview

Qualification: Bachelor of Music (Performance)

Duration: 6 Trimesters (2 years) full-time or part-time equivalent. Students may exit after four trimesters with an Associate Degree of Music (Performance)

Fee-HELP: Available 

CRICOS: BMus (Perf.) 057024K | AssDegMus (Perf.) 057023M

AMPA’s innovative undergraduate degrees merge high-level performance and practical training with academic rigour and unparalleled industry insight. Students can personalise their degree based around their individual musical interests and aspirations. 

Unlike many institutions in Australia, AMPA remains focused on individual, one-to-one learning. This means that music students are entitled to receive a 60 minute lesson per week as part of their Principal Study unit, along with an additional 30 minute lesson as part of Second Study. The option of taking a Second Study is particularly unique to AMPA, and a valuable tool for students with more than one skill eg. piano/voice or singer/songwriter.

Focus Area: Music Theatre

Within this intensive AMPA program, students undergo technical training across the three core areas for Music Theatre: singing, dancing and acting. This combined with consistent performance and practice opportunities, produces unparalleled triple threat performers. Alongside this rigorous practical training, students receive tuition in music history, industry and performance technique enabling them to graduate ready for the highly competitive and demanding music theatre industry.

Music Theatre students can choose electives to complement and refine their degrees from classes such as: Production, Music Industry, Jazz Improvisation, Music and Media, Song Writing, Jazz/Rock Choir and more.

Course Structure (by trimester)

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* Students who successfully complete T1 – T4 are eligible for an Associate Degree of Music (Performance)

Graduate Pathways

Music Theatre graduates go on to become professional performers, directors, and stage managers, as well as tutors, session musicians, and marketing and administration professionals in arts councils and creative industries. Additionally, graduates are qualified to undertake postgraduate studies in a range of areas including: teaching in secondary schools, TAFE and universities/colleges, arts management, creative industries or further music studies.


Entry Requirements: Completion of HSC or equivalent OR completion of at least one full time year of tertiary study OR as a mature age student. Provisional admission may be granted for students limited educational qualifications.    

Admissions Process: Three-Part Performance Audition (Singing, Dancing and Acting) + Interview + Musical Knowledge Test

For further information on admissions procedures, please refer to Section 3.1 of the AMPA Student Handbook.