P!NK band take some time out to visit AMPA students

P!NK band take some time out to visit AMPA students

AMPA rolled out the red carpet in August for an exclusive workshop from the band of none other than international superstar P!NK.

Drummer, Mark Schulman, Eva Gardner (Bass) and Justin Derrico (Guitar) took some time out of P!NK’s ‘Truth About Love’ tour to visit students at the Rozelle campus to give an intimate Rhythm clinic.

After setting up some rather serious music gear, and sound checking to perfection, the trio entered the stage in an elaborate and dramatic entrance to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

Mark, Eva and Justin each shared some of their stories, gave tips and tricks, and performed in an intimate workshop setting.

Some students were lucky enough to be invited onto the stage to jam with Mark and Eva.

''You're thrown an unexpected experience; you have no idea what they might come up with,'' bassist Eva Gardner said, of jamming with students.

''It's fun to jam and have a wonderful two-minute experience.''

After the performances, the trio hung around to sign autographs for students and to answer any individual questions that students had.

Collectively Mark, Eva and Justin have toured with the who’s who of the music biz including artists such as FOREIGNER, SHERYL CROW, STEVIE NICKS, DESTINY’S CHILD, BILLY IDOL, CHER, THE CALLING and THE MARS VOLTA.

AMPA was please to host past and future students, staff, members of the public, and press for the event. You can read more about the Rhythm Clinic in the Inner West Courier, here.