AMPA - Academy of Music and Performing Arts - Our People

Our People

If the curriculum is the backbone, the heart of AMPA is its staff. AMPA boasts some of the highest calibre teaching and professional staff in Australia - each bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge in their fields. AMPA staff are engaging, innovative, and share the same vision and enthusiasm for developing students to realise their potential.

Please select a department below to view our staff. 

<b>Prof Ian Bofinger </b></br>Executive Dean / CEO

Prof Ian Bofinger
Executive Dean / CEO

<b>Adj Prof Issac Chung Lee</b></br>Chief Operating Officer

Adj Prof Issac Chung Lee
Chief Operating Officer

<b>Dr Elizabeth Jones </b></br>Head of Music

Dr Elizabeth Jones
Head of Music

<b>Dr Maya Gavish</b></br>Head of Dance

Dr Maya Gavish
Head of Dance

<b>Adj Prof Jamie Rigg </b></br>Contemporary Music

Adj Prof Jamie Rigg
Contemporary Music

<b>Gavin Ahearn</b></br>Contemporary & Jazz

Gavin Ahearn
Contemporary & Jazz

<b>Diana Rouvas</b></br>Voice (Contemporary & Jazz)

Diana Rouvas
Voice (Contemporary & Jazz)

<b>Nate Gilkes</b></br>Music Theatre

Nate Gilkes
Music Theatre

<b>Victor Rounds</b></br>Production & Bass Guitar

Victor Rounds
Production & Bass Guitar

<b>Hans-Dieter Michatz</b></br>Classical Music

Hans-Dieter Michatz
Classical Music

<b>Trish Delaney-Brown</b></br>Music Theatre & Voice

Trish Delaney-Brown
Music Theatre & Voice

<b>Ben Gurton</b></br>Trombone

Ben Gurton

<b>Michael Quigley</b></br>Drums (Contemporary & Jazz)

Michael Quigley
Drums (Contemporary & Jazz)

<b>Alice Girle</b></br>Voice

Alice Girle

<b>Lucy Bailes </b></br>Voice

Lucy Bailes

<b>Dani Bainbridge</b></br>Music Theatre

Dani Bainbridge
Music Theatre

<b>Anton Koch</b></br>Harmony & Composition, History

Anton Koch
Harmony & Composition, History

<b>Jemma Burke </b></br>Voice

Jemma Burke

<b>Paul Brown</b></br>Guitar

Paul Brown

<b>Sarah Pearce</b></br>Music Theatre/Dance

Sarah Pearce
Music Theatre/Dance

<b>Wendy Anggerani </b></br>Ensemble & Keyboard

Wendy Anggerani
Ensemble & Keyboard

<b>Dan Wallace-Crabbe</b></br>Contemporary & World Music

Dan Wallace-Crabbe
Contemporary & World Music

<b>Arax Mansourian</b></br>Voice (Classical)

Arax Mansourian
Voice (Classical)

<b>Laura Scandizzo</b></br>Classical Voice

Laura Scandizzo
Classical Voice

<b>Zachary Aleksander </b></br>Music Theatre

Zachary Aleksander
Music Theatre

<b>Em Prof Greg Whateley</b></br>Arts Management

Em Prof Greg Whateley
Arts Management

<b>Briana Cowlishaw</b></br>Voice (Contemporary & Jazz)

Briana Cowlishaw
Voice (Contemporary & Jazz)

<b>Yenny Jap</b></br>Harmony & Analysis, Classical Piano

Yenny Jap
Harmony & Analysis, Classical Piano

<b>Greg Taylor</b></br>Bassoon

Greg Taylor

<b>Jo Elms</b></br>Voice (Contemporary & Jazz)

Jo Elms
Voice (Contemporary & Jazz)

<b>Quang Hong Luu</b></br>Piano (Classical)

Quang Hong Luu
Piano (Classical)

<b>Claire Trevelyan</b></br>Harmony & Analysis, History

Claire Trevelyan
Harmony & Analysis, History

<b>Dr. Wojciech Wisniewski</b></br>Piano & Classical Performance

Dr. Wojciech Wisniewski
Piano & Classical Performance

<b>Grant Sambells</b></br>Classical Guitar

Grant Sambells
Classical Guitar

<b>Tracey O’Leary</b></br>Woodwind (Classical)

Tracey O’Leary
Woodwind (Classical)

<b>Ed Schots</b></br>Bass Guitar, Saxophone and Flute

Ed Schots
Bass Guitar, Saxophone and Flute

<b>Kaylie Dunstan </b></br>Percussion

Kaylie Dunstan

<b>Tim Cunniffe</b></br>Répétiteur & Accompanist

Tim Cunniffe
Répétiteur & Accompanist

<b>Jinwon Chang</b></br>Orchestral Conducting and Brass, International Engagement Advisor

Jinwon Chang
Orchestral Conducting and Brass, International Engagement Advisor

<b>Christina Han</b></br>Répétiteur & Accompanist

Christina Han
Répétiteur & Accompanist

<b>Scott Lam</b></br>Piano

Scott Lam

<b>Nathaniel Kong </b></br>Harmony & Analysis, Ear Training, Piano and Répétiteur

Nathaniel Kong
Harmony & Analysis, Ear Training, Piano and Répétiteur

<b>Sean Moloney</b></br>Ear Training

Sean Moloney
Ear Training

<b>Sunny Nguyen</b></br>Piano

Sunny Nguyen

<b>John Rouvas</b></br>Voice

John Rouvas

<b>Alysia Jarvis</b></br>Dance Technique & Performance

Alysia Jarvis
Dance Technique & Performance

<b>Georgette Sofatzis</b></br>Dance Technique & Dance Performance

Georgette Sofatzis
Dance Technique & Dance Performance

<b>Francesca Gozdek</b></br>Dance Technique & Dance Performance

Francesca Gozdek
Dance Technique & Dance Performance

<b>Fabio Lo Giudice</b></br>Dance Technique

Fabio Lo Giudice
Dance Technique

<b>Emma Bathgate-Petersen</b></br>Guest Choreographer

Emma Bathgate-Petersen
Guest Choreographer

<b>Victor Zarallo</b></br>Dance Technique & Dance Performance

Victor Zarallo
Dance Technique & Dance Performance

<b>Kristina Wallbank-Hutton</b></br>Dance Technique & Dance Performance

Kristina Wallbank-Hutton
Dance Technique & Dance Performance

<b>Richard Allen</b></br>Performance Production

Richard Allen
Performance Production

<b>Anca Frankenhaeuser</b></br>Dance Technique & Composition

Anca Frankenhaeuser
Dance Technique & Composition

<b>Anton</b></br>Dance Technique & Production

Dance Technique & Production

<b>Erin Barney</b></br> Acro

Erin Barney

<b>Samantha Simpson</b></br>Dance Technique

Samantha Simpson
Dance Technique

<b>Simon Ward </b></br>Performance Psychology

Simon Ward
Performance Psychology

<b>Andii</b></br>Dance Performance

Dance Performance

<b>Angela Hamilton</b></br>Dance Performance

Angela Hamilton
Dance Performance

<b>Marina Tamayo</b></br>Dance Performance

Marina Tamayo
Dance Performance

<b>Norman Hall</b></br>Dance Composition & History

Norman Hall
Dance Composition & History

<b>Sherrie Kent</b></br>Latin

Sherrie Kent

<b>Lee-Anne Litton</b></br>Contact Improvisation

Lee-Anne Litton
Contact Improvisation

<b>Tony Osborne</b></br>Theatre Skills

Tony Osborne
Theatre Skills

<b>Fumi Somehara</b></br>Body Science

Fumi Somehara
Body Science

<b>Daryl Morante</b></br>Dance Technique

Daryl Morante
Dance Technique

<b>Margie Medlin</b></br> Performance Production

Margie Medlin
Performance Production

<b>Sally Harrison</b></br>Safe Movement Practice

Sally Harrison
Safe Movement Practice

<b>Lydia Kelly</b></br>Performance Production

Lydia Kelly
Performance Production

<b>Kathy Cogill</b></br>Yoga

Kathy Cogill

<b>George Makras</b></br>Performance Production

George Makras
Performance Production

<b>Em Prof Greg Whateley</b></br>Chair, Board of Directors

Em Prof Greg Whateley
Chair, Board of Directors

<b>Noel Cislowski AM </b></br>Board of Directors

Noel Cislowski AM
Board of Directors

<b>Toni Cody </b></br>Board of Directors

Toni Cody
Board of Directors

<b>Richard Arnold </b></br>Board of Directors

Richard Arnold
Board of Directors

<b>Joanne Grace Kim </b></br>Board of Directors

Joanne Grace Kim
Board of Directors

<b>Em Prof Anthony Greville Shannon AM </b></br>Chair, Academic Board

Em Prof Anthony Greville Shannon AM
Chair, Academic Board

<b>Em Prof John Painter </b></br>Academic Board

Em Prof John Painter
Academic Board

<b>Adj Prof Art Phillips</b></br>Academic Board

Adj Prof Art Phillips
Academic Board

<b>Simon Kenway </b></br>Academic Board

Simon Kenway
Academic Board

<b>Renee Goossens </b></br>Academic Board

Renee Goossens
Academic Board

<b>Prof Elizabeth More AM</b></br>Academic Board

Prof Elizabeth More AM
Academic Board

<b>Farzan Contractor</b></br>Academic Board

Farzan Contractor
Academic Board

<b>Tracey O’Leary</b></br>Registrar / Librarian

Tracey O’Leary
Registrar / Librarian

<b>Sophie Takatsuka</b></br>Admissions & Administration

Sophie Takatsuka
Admissions & Administration

<b>Kate Garrett</b></br>Administration/Studio Officer

Kate Garrett
Administration/Studio Officer

<b>Chris Ventura</b></br>Admissions & Events

Chris Ventura
Admissions & Events

<b>Wenny Tan </b></br>Multimedia Specialist

Wenny Tan
Multimedia Specialist

<b>David Zappia </b></br>Audio/Technical Facilities Officer

David Zappia
Audio/Technical Facilities Officer

<b>Tonia Rifani </b></br>Multimedia & Content Production

Tonia Rifani
Multimedia & Content Production