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The Contemporary Music program produces unique and professional musicians who, due to the highly practical and individual training offered at AMPA, are able to hit the ground running when they start their careers.

Course Overview 

Bachelor of Music (Performance)

Duration:6 Trimesters (2 years) full-time or part-time equivalent. Fee-HELP:Available CRICOS:057024K

Associate Degree of Music (Performance)

Duration:4 Trimesters (1.3 years) full-time or part-time equivalent. Fee-HELP:Available CRICOS:057023M

Undergraduate Certificate in Music 

Duration:1 Trimester (0.3 years) full-time or part-time equivalent. Fee-HELP:Available

AMPA’s innovative undergraduate degrees merge high-level performance and practical training with academic rigour and unparalleled industry insight. Students can personalise their degree based around their individual musical interests and aspirations. 

Unlike many institutions in Australia, AMPA remains focused on individual, one-to-one learning. This means that music students are entitled to receive a 60 minute lesson per week as part of their Principal Study unit, along with an additional 30 minute lesson as part of Second Study, 12 weeks per study period throughout the degree. 

Focus Area: Contemporary Music

This intensive and highly practical program centres on individual performance and instrumental/vocal technique, while placing equal focus on ensemble practice and performance. Through this collaboration, students develop advanced technical skills ensuring they are 100% ready for a career as a professional contemporary musician. Studying within the Contemporary Music focus area, you’ll be exposed to a wide range of modern genres, including Rock, R&B, Funk, Punk, Pop, Blues as well as various Jazz sub-genres. You’ll study performance techniques, interpretation, improvisation, stagecraft, soloing, ensemble interaction, as well as reading, arranging, chart writing and ensemble dynamics. You will constantly perfect your skills by performing at AMPA classes and events, and at external gigs and venues.



Study Areas

1. PRINCIPAL STUDY: All students receive 12 x individual, 1 hour lessons, on a chosen instrument or voice for every trimester in the course.

2. MAJOR STUDIES: Analyse, workshop and develop stylistic interpretation and presentation on stage.

3. PERFORMANCE STUDIES: Weekly performances on stage in a live environment with professional sound and lighting.

4. ACADEMIC STUDIES: Gain the technical knowledge required to become a versatile professional. In stages 5 and 6 students transition to more practical based units to prepare for the industry and postgraduate studies.

5. ENSEMBLE: Improvise, experiment and collaborate with students in various bands led by industry seasoned musicians.

6. ELECTIVES: Relevant to singer songwriters, guitarist/vocalists, or any students who wish to learn two instruments, the unique Second Study at AMPA provides 12 x individual, 30 minute lessons every trimester. Or choose from electives to complement and refine your degree such as: Song Writing, Music Theatre, Music Industry, Improvisation, Recording, Production, Music and Moving Image, Chart Writing and more.


Course Structure 



Course Progression

Students can transfer from the Associate Degree into the Bachelor Degree at any of the below transfer points. Students that have started in the Bachelor Degree also have the option of exiting after 4 trimesters with an Associate Degree.



Teaching Faculty

The AMPA Teaching Faculty are highly experienced educators with extensive industry and professional experience. Excellence of instruction and rigorous training ensure that AMPA graduates are equipped for successful careers in a highly competitive industry. Staff continue to mentor and network with students after graduation in order to support their continued growth and career potential.

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Career Outcomes

Many contemporary performance graduates go on to become professional performers as soloists or in bands, recording artists, session musicians, events managers, music journalists, promoters and distributors, tutors, and marketing and administration professionals in creative industries. Additionally, graduates are qualified to undertake postgraduate studies in a range of areas including: teaching in secondary schools, TAFE and universities/colleges, arts management, creative industries, and further music studies.


Entry Requirements: Completion of HSC or equivalent OR completion of at least one full time year of tertiary study OR as a mature age student. Provisional admission may be granted for students limited educational qualifications.

Admissions Process: Audition + Interview + Musical Knowledge Test

For further information on admissions procedures, please refer to Section 3.1 of the AMPA Student Handbook.


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