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Why AMPA - Music

                          Savannah // Kinder


AMPA Community

There is nothing quite like the community at AMPA. Our philosophy is centred on providing students with greater access to teaching staff, facilities, industry related opportunities and collaborative work.

Focus is on the individual:

12 Private one hour lessons per trimester
•12 Second study half hour lessons per trimester
•Highly supportive and dedicated teaching staff
•Invaluable peer support



AMPA Courses

While most institutions have quietly removed or reduced the amount of individual lessons in the music degree, AMPA guarantees that students will receive 60 minute lessons for the full 12 weeks of study every trimester/semester.

A diversified skill set is critical in making music a profession. AMPA also provides students the option to receive individual lessons as part of the second study program.

Fast track option is available to complete your BMus in 2 years and get into the workforce sooner

                  Joe, Amy & Satsuki // World Square




Industry Experience & Opportunities

Provided on campus and through external partnerships and networks:

Weekly performances at the Tom Mann Theatre
Industry internship program with Forbes Street Studios and Universal Music
External performances such as the Sydney Opera House, Seymour Centre, NIDA, Enmore Theatre, Bangarra Dance Theatre and various festivals and events



Be Informed

Check out the snapshot below to see the key advantages of AMPA’s courses. 

When choosing which music school is the right choice, make sure to do your own research and make an informed decision! 


Duration of degree:  
2 years
6 Trimesters

Number of individual lessons per trimester/study period (Major):
12 x 60 minutes

Total Individual Lessons for Major Study:

36 lessons / year 
(72 lessons total in BMus)

Individual Lessons for Second Study per trimester/study period

12 x 30 minutes
(All instruments)